Why should grown ups have all the fun? Well, here at SA Music News Magazine we decided to change that, and involve our younger generation as well, so we are dedicating this section to kids and teenagers aged 7 - 17 that loves music and that would like to share their musical knowledge and experiences with our readers.  
If you would like us to publish your articles, stories or photos, please email us on info@samusicnews.com 
PLEASE NOTE: Don't forget to include your full name, the name of your school, area you life in, your age, and a letter from your parents (or legal gaurdian) giving us permission to publish your article. Thank you.
Dear family, friends and colleagues, 
We are excited to tell you about the #CallingAStar competition for high school learners. Part of Shy Music's musical theatre dream is to discover new and exciting young stars and give them a chance to shine on their stage. 
Have a look at their exciting competition where you can actually win a place on the Calling Me Home cast. Help us spread the word and find the young stars of the future.
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