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Carolina Bridal Party
A hunter’s moon peered out from behind the clouds, as four strangers strode down destiny’s path towards their inevitable meeting.

On this night of nights our strangers were heading for a local whisky joint filled with rats, sailors, whores and dirty glasses.

The dive was packed and the smell of sweat and smoke filled your nostrils, it was the perfect place for a fight, the bloody knuckles and broken noses of the patrons testified to that. 
Some nerd was playing folk guitar on the stage and soon flying bottles and bar stools hastened the end of his gig.

Amongst this frenzied collection of drunks and mercenaries, a lone warrior guitarist stood tall before them. With an ebony Les Paul and a bottle of Johnnie Walker, Murray began with a lick that shut the unruly crowd up. 
Soon his fingertips glowed like red hot embers as the notes electrified the air. From the back corner a heavy bearded man named Shaun downed his tenth Nordic ale and leapt on the stage. With his base guitar in his hands he grooved as smooth as chocolate milk

Soon Gert stood on the stage and riffed as an equal, his fingers dancing amongst the frets like they were on cocaine. 
Now the joint was really packed and the whiskey was flowing like a river. The final adventurer to join the trio was Kyle, a titan of percussion; he sat behind the drums and unleashed a furious beat that sounded like he played with switchblades and hand grenades instead of sticks and hi-hats. 
The crowd seethed, the walls shook. The whole place was tearing at the seams and soon the building began to crumble and burn before the mighty sound of the blues. The crowd did not care they let the rafters, bricks and mortar tumble around them and danced the night away beneath the gaze of a hunters moon. 
The Carolina Bridal Party is busy working on their first full length album which will be out soon.
Writing session’s video for the song Mr. James Marshall)
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