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If ever a prize is presented for tenacity and patience, Jason Horseman, the force behind Gage, should definitely be considered as a contender.

From pottering around on his mother’s pots and pans at a very young age; performing in various rock bands to performing in the SAMA award winning indie rock group, Sunways back in 2002 – Jason Horseman now finds himself the lead singer and drummer of local rock group, Gage. 
After many challenges and difficult times, the three-piece group, Gage, is proud to present their brand new album, Break the Silence.Gage is made up of Jason Horseman on lead vocals and drummer; Llewellyn Burger on guitar and backing vocals and Russel Nathanson on bass.

The album boasts 11 superior rock tracks written by Jason with creative support from the rest of the band; Each track is suited to take one on a musical journey from a slow relaxed vibe to a high tempo adrenaline rush. The lyrics are candid and eloquent.
Drawing inspiration from his own personal growth, emotions and relationships, Jason has made sure that there is a raw emotional presence in each track that you just can’t miss.The title track, Break the Silence is about the awkward silence that exists between two people that are having an argument and one of them needs to break the silence to make peace. Tracks like Bend or Break and Please 
GAGE - Breaking the Silence Album CoverI wrote “Bend or Break” for my baby boy Ethan Tyler. Becoming a father has been the most rewarding and humbling experience ever. The song is based on the fact that no matter what, I’ll always believe in him and be here for him.“Please” was written during a difficult period in my life when I craved positive reinforcement and felt broken down by the negativity surrounding me and lack of emotional support.

“My Song” was written for my fiancé that I have had a crush on for more than ten years. She was forever on my case about writing my own songs! 
The album was produced at The O Studio in Johannesburg by Theo Janse van Rensburg. 
“We have been through a lot of changes. The band has changed, gotten better, stronger and harder.

We hope that the hard work we’ve put in will pay off in the end. It’s a real personal achievement for me and from the response we’re getting so far, it can only go up from here.” says Jason.
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