On Friday the 26th of August, we were lucky enough to attend Revelations II - The Good Racist, the one man show featuring John Vlismas. As my first event coverage since being a reclusive writer I needed a good laugh with my two friends Muhammad and Ismail.

However, friends and family did warn me about John Vlismas and how his comedy can sometimes not only cross the line but create a set of multi-colored lines, mostly in black.
Nonetheless, it was opening night and we were received with the best and treated exceptionally well. Now I could talk about the amazing opening acts, but it was John Vlismas who seamlessly not only captivated each and every single audience member, but was a comedic giant. The visuals were incredible and whoever was responsible did a great job.
Raw, unfiltered and brutally honest, Vlismas is not afraid to speak his mind which can give one a whiplash reaction as “I hate you, then I love you” rings in your mind. Though he basically trampled on religion, race, culture and current affairs: his material was nothing short of brilliance.
I really, really hate to admit it but John Vlismas has taken over the number one spot with regards to male comedians. A veteran in his own lane, his material is refreshing, well researched and most of all twisted with edginess. Now, many people are just edgy for edginess sake but he pulls it off pretty well.
Very few comics or comedians can tick the following boxes: excellent cadence, perfect timing of the jokes, getting the entire crowd in stitches regardless of their background with just a gesture, being offensive and get away with it - Vlismas has mastered his craft with ease.
A big thank you to Whacked Management (Whacked Comedy) in association with Comedy Central.
Review by AK Ahmed - SA Music News Magazine Correspondent
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From the second of September 2016, Johannesburg was abuzz. Hand selected media officials were summoned to Mythos in MonteCasino for a huge announcement. Lacklustre assumptions of a special guest were making the rounds, little did we know that we were in for the largest strategic move Whacked Management has ever made in all its years. 
Good food, schmoozing with comedians, wooden décor of Mythos gave us the illusion that it was an upclass soiree even though it was 3pm in the evening. Hidden among the crème de la crème of South African comics and comedians, we were honoured to be in the presence of ten comedians (though Basketmouth from Nigeria could not make it that day). 
From Swaziland to Mozambique, all ten comedians had established a name for themselves in their homeland and performing internationally. All the nominees this year were given a special pin to mark this once in a lifetime event.

Our guests were told that they would just be handing over the awards to the winners however this was partially true. This hand selected African comedians were part of the first Pan-African strategy that Whacked Management has implemented in the history of not only South African history but African history as a whole. 
Queen to B5, King to B4, Bobby Fischer himself would be proud of the move that Whacked Management co-founders Taffia Keight and John Vlismas have pulled off. 
Of course, without forgetting Savannah who had the apples to back the boldest move in South African Comic History. Well done to all the sponsors and brand management for making the 2nd of September 2016 a day to remember. 
The anticipation was building on the 3rd of September 2016. SA Music News Magazine were ready and the cufflinks, ties, crisp white shirts and freshly steamed blazers. The team was ready for this was not just another black tie event but the one and only annual Savanna Comics Choice Awards. 
Arriving just after seven twenty, we looked like a mob squad straight out of a Guy Ritchie film. Ismail, Muhammad, Ridwaan and Shuaib were dressed on point and made it an unofficial Guys Night Out.

Little did we know that as we walked through the glass doors to the Teatro, the flashes were visible and a queue had formed to walk the red carpet.

Ever so radiant, Taffia shimmered in a black dress and looked impeccable. We headed into the Teatro foyer where we received our silver armbands which would get us into the Savanna After party. Fresh new faces as well as familiar ones walked the very stylish and perfectly lit foyer. After almost eight years I bumped into an old friend, Rob van Vuuren  (AKA Twakkie) who directed and choreographed the show. He prompted us quite a few times to make our way in as if we had lost the concept of time itself. 
John Vlismas came to say hi and we bumped into some of our guests from Swaziland and Lesotho. Tumi Morake who was dressed like a Spartan Warrior looked ready as a nominee for the Edgars Comic of the Year. Nina Hastie looked incredible and ever so graceful. 
We made our way in finally and the show was nothing short of a bag of chips and then some. The skits were on point, lighting and graphics were on another level but the opening act Elo was a great surprise. Her gravitas on stage with her trademark pink hair and powerful voice was palpable. Casper de Vries also knows how to make an entrance as the recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award.  
At the end of the day, we all have our favourite comics that we root for and I was incredibly happy for the talented Yaseen Barnes. The final award was handed over to the Queen of Silhouette, The Feminist of Feminists and Mother of Everything she has achieved – Tumi Morake. Well deserved! 
After the closing act we made our way to La Toscana for one amazing after party. Sushi, great entertainment and I should mention that Goliath and Goliath (also winners of the night) are masters of making dance circles and keeping the crowd entertained. In hindsight, can I pick up on any flaw? I wish I could.

To Savannah, the comics, comedians, FLOW Communications (Caroline Smith, Nthabiseng, Qiniso, Apaphia and anyone else I am forgetting), One-Eyed Jack (Andiswa), Edgars, Kaya FM, Mythos, La Toscana, Rob van Vuuren for excellent directing, Taffia Keight. John Vlismas and everyone who was a part of this incredible award show,  a HUGE THANK YOU!
FOR THE LIST OF COMPLETE WINNERS VISIT: http://www.comicschoice.com/2016-winners/ 
Review by AK Ahmed - SA Music News Magazine Correspondent 
Entertainment and Lifestyle Features, Private Publicity  
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/akwriter 
Email: ak@samusicnews.com