Featured Artist - Robyn-Angela Leal
Music is my life. I sleep, eat and breathe music. Without music I wouldn’t exist. I am in touch with my emotions and therefore write everything I see and feel. I take every situation as a learning curve. I am travelling the path less traveled because I know I will make a difference.  
I am proud of my God given talent and individuality and don’t believe in conforming. Music is a never ending journey. I learn new things about music every day and want to inspire people with it.

I will never give up on my dream no matter how hard the climb, because sooner than I think those rocks rolling down my path is going to stop coming. God would not have given me this talent, if he didn’t have a plan for me.  
Music Experience: I started playing guitar when I was 13 years of age. I realized at a young age that music is what I want to do with my life.

2006 I was one of the opening acts for Prime Circle at Hoërskool Florida.  
2007 Entered various vocal competitions such as The National Eisteddfod in South Africa. Recorded my first demo with Warren Leicher, bass player for Springbok Nude girls.  
2008 I was interviewed by Nicole Fox on 5fm as part of the Taste of Fame Competition on which they played ”Weird Feeling”, a track from my demo. I was also interviewed by Sizwe Dhlomo on MTV Base. This competition is still running and is for unsigned artists to get exposure and hopefully signed.  
2009 Recorded my acoustic and cover demo at Ladybirds singing school. 
I attended vocal lessons weekly for 2hours at ladybirds singing school where I learned to read and write music. 
With this knowledge I write all the lyrics and music for my tracks.  
2011 Played at Tanz Cafe and Cool Runnings. I also did a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated Swimwear competition. I am an alternative model for LT MAG and I did my photo-shoot at Truth.  
2012: Through the assistance of Madstuff Records released song Tequila Instead on Worldwide downloads. Song was written and composed by Robyn-Angela.  
As Robyn-Angela is not signed to Madstuff and did not receive any money from her downloads, she has parted with them. Robyn-Angela is once again promoting herself.
2013: Currently in the finals for IMTA and hoping to win the finals to attend the New York convention were over 3000 agents will be scouting new talent for record labels and modeling contracts.  
2014: Competed for songwriting and singing in New York @IMTA. Came fourth out of 50 girls. Performed in front of Water Sound Entertainment, ANR Records and Atlantic Records.  
Awards achieved over the years: 
2002-Westrand music festival 2nd place for playing solo Nothing else matters. 
2006-Robyn-Angela was one of the opening acts for Prime Circle at Hoerskool Florida. 
2007- Entered various vocal competitions. 

The National Eisteddfod South Africa awards: 
2007-Gold medal and certificate-Pop music. 
2007-Gold medal and certificate-Pop music. 
2007-Silver medal and certificate- Rock/Alternative music. 
2007-Bronze medal and certificate- Motion Pictures. 
2007-Gold medal and certificate- Blues music 
2007-Gold medal and certificate- Pop Music. 
2008- Robyn-Angela was interviewed by Nicole Fox on 5fm as part of the Taste of Fame Competition.

She was the first KFC Taste of Fame contestant to be interviewed on MTV base by Sizwe Dhlomo on which they played ”Weird Feeling”, a track from her demo.
2008-Gold medal and certificate-Pop music. 
2008-Gold medal and certificate-Crossover style (Vocal and instrument.) 
2008-Gold medal and certificate- Contemporary style(Vocal and instrument.) 
2008-Gold medal and certificate-Solo voice Latin American. 
2008-Gold medal and certificate-solo voice pop music. 
2008-Diploma- Solo voice Blues. 
2008-Diploma -Solo Nostalgia 
2008-Diploma -category winner in solo voice Nostalgia. 
2013-Finalist for singing and song-writing IMTA South Africa. 
2014 - Competed for songwriting and singing in New York @IMTA. Came 4th out of 50 girls. Performed in front of Water Sound Entertainment, ANR Records and Capitol Records.  
Gigs: I have played at The Blues Room, Rivonia; Roxy’s in Melville; Tanz Cafe’, Bryanston, Back2Basix, Melville and Coolrunning in fourways, Mamas Shebeen in Greenside.  
Influences: Sinead O’ Connor, Josie Fields, Karen Zoid, Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks and Alanis Morissette  
Goals for the future: Get signed to an International record label, Go to IMTA New York and perform overseas.
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For bookings or any queries and information please contact Robyn-Angela on +27 82 724 1726 
Robyn@live.co.za or robynalowe@gmail.com

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