Featured Artist - The Stray Natives
The Stray Natives were initially conceived in late 2009 by the four original members namely, Alistair Crouch – Guitars/Songwriting /Backing Vocals, Chevy Borchowsky – Bass, Rob Luce – Drums and Trevor Lewies – Vocals/Songwriting/Percussion. Whilst the band was formed only recently the members have been involved in previous projects and do have some history with each other. 
In the early 90’s Alistair and Trevor formed a rock/folk band called Greenfever. It was during these formative years that they began experimenting with songwriting ideas and concepts.

The band lasted a couple of years and then broke up due to differences of direction between the members. Alistair went on to play with an early incarnation of Fuzigish which lasted a few years until he decided to quit music and pursue his other passions.

It was in 1998 when Alistair met experimental bass player, Chevy Borchowsky at Roxy’s Rhythm Bar one night. Chevy had been playing with Rob Luce (current drummer for “Red Hand”) and they had been looking for a guitarist to add to their drum and bass duo. Alistair accepted and began playing with them. Alistair then contacted Trevor to join the band on vocals. The band settled on the “The Dicks” as their name and subsequently recorded three songs: ''Shattered Pearls'', ''Big as an Elephant'' and ''Suck my Dick''.
The Dicks broke up early 2000’s and the members went off to experiment with various individual creative projects until through a twist of fate, Chevy, Alistair, and Trevor found themselves once again in the studio with rock drummer Cyril Herbst.

After a few jam sessions the foursome soon realised the potential of the sound they were creating, a mixture of 70’s rock twisted with avant-garde alternative energy. After dabbling with some crazy names the group unanimously settled on The Stray Natives.
The Stray Natives are:
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